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Beautiful U serves at-risk teen moms by inviting them to become part of loving families.


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Beautiful U Ministries serves at-risk teen moms by inviting them to become a part of loving families.

Learn more about our Transitional Living Campaign & how YOU can help bring HOPE to a single mom

Learn more about our Transitional Living Campaign & how YOU can help bring HOPE to a single mom

Partner with us today and help us finish reaching our goal of $450,000 by December 31st, 2016. We appreciate your support: monthly, weekly or a one time year-end donation.

Beautiful U Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit, Christian Maternity Program serving the needs of at-risk pregnant teens and homeless single moms & children SINCE 2010

Problem:     Nearly 70% of our participants are victims of domestic or sexual abuse

99% of our moms come into the program: having no permanent home, report couch hopping from one potentially dangerous environment to another (pregnant or with their children in tow), living in a car or on the streets


               Beautiful U works very closely with Lazarus House in St.Charles, Waterleaf Crisis Center in Aurora and several local school districts

When moms are referred to us, approximately 80% have dropped out of school, and on average only read at a 4th grade level

The children of our participants are:

  • 4 times more likely than non-homeless children to be abused, neglected or abandoned
  • 3 times more likely to be placed in remedial education
  • 10 times more likely to continue the cycle of poverty
  • Sons of teen mothers are almost 3 times more likely than sons of non-teens to become incarcerated
  • Daughters of teen moms are 83% more likely themselves to become mothers by age 18


Providing HOPE = (housing, opportunity, programs & education)

Provide safe, loving homes and/or affordable housing

Education & Programs: parenting & healthy relationship classes, financing, nutrition, life & job skill training, coping skills and spiritual health

Opportunity: empowering these women through education, better jobs, safe & affordable housing, accountability & spiritual shepherding

Would you like to have a personal impact in the future life spared from a potential abortion?  1 out of every 3 mom's referred to our program are headed into an abortion clinic feeling hopeless. We are grateful for all the volunteers & crisis workers who encourage these scared women to STOP and CONSIDER LIFE as an option.

Unfortunately in many of these best case scenarios, pro-life advocates, government and church officials fail to recognize the much BROADER epidemic of Pro-life -   HOMELESS ,  HOPELESS, HUNGRY, UNEDUCATED CHILDREN

This is where Beautiful U Ministries becomes critical in helping provide services, shelter and support, helping to permanently BREAK the cycle of poverty.

Our goal is raise the remaining $450,000 of the original $600,000to purchase a Transitional Living Site for 11 moms and 16-18 children. This next step program would provide:  continued education opportunity, vocational and job skill training, nutritional meals, transportation options, child care assistance and most importantly, affordable housing (mom's required to pay 20% of their gross income to housing expenses).

Our mom's desire the opportunity & services to help break generational cycles of poverty for themselves and their children.      So, are you in or not??

Most recent stats on record Nov.2015 - "According to the CCH, families made up half of Chicago's homeless population, including more than 48,000 homeless children with parents and another 12,00 people younger than 21 without parents or guardians. The CCH estimates there are more than 64,000 homeless adults, 46 % of the homeless population are children."


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