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Beautiful U serves at-risk teen moms by inviting them to become part of loving families.

112 N Main St


Beautiful U is passionately committed to serving our community and the surrounding Chicagoland area as a Christ-centered, family-style intervention program for at-risk pregnant teens and teen mothers. It is our desire to share the good news of God’s unconditional love with each teen as we provide the individualized physical, emotional and spiritual care and support that she needs in order to help her move into the next stage of her life while feeling loved, supported, confident and independent.

Transitional Living Community

Home Sweet Tiny Home

Home Sweet Tiny Home

H.O.P.E :

A once in a lifetime opportunity for a single mom to rent her own HOME within a safe, loving community with the option to buy. A transitional living community where soul care can begin to bring hope and healing. 




 OWNERSHIP has proven to empower and positively change someone's future forever. These women will be provided with accountability, structure and spiritual shepherding while living in a small, private community with other single moms and children.




Beautiful U's Future Transitional Living Community will be designed to empower these single, unwed women through continued education, vocational & hands on experience. A combination of structured independence, skill training, and life coaching will provide a home for the homeless, and the opportunity to build a  stable future for themselves and their children.






Without intervention the children of our participants are:

  • 4 times more likely than non-homeless children to be abused, neglected or abandoned

  • 3 times more likely to be placed in remedial education

  • 10 times more likely to continue the cycle of poverty

  • Sons of teen mothers are almost 3 times more likely than sons of non-teens to become incarcerated

  • Daughters of teen moms are 83% more likely themselves to become mothers by age 18







Each mom entering the program will be given the opportunity to begin, finish or explore their educational options. Everyone learns differently so we want to embrace the way each mom learns in order for her to reach her greatest potential.

The program will require mom's to participate & complete: parenting classes, nutrition, pre-postnatal care, living skills, financing, healthy coping & relationship skills, yoga & art therapy, counseling and bible study.

Each mom will be assigned a case manager who will help develop, design, and implement an individualized "life plan".